Aurous (a subsidiary of MASTER CHAIN PVT LTD), a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of gold jewellery based out of Mumbai, is one of the most traditional business houses which felt the need that their jewellery required constant monitoring in terms of its whereabouts/location. They were quick to gauge that of the many technologies available; RFID jewelry tracking offers the best possibility to handle the daily operational challenges.

Mr. Raj Kothari, CEO of Aurous says, “The manual process of inventory management is a difficult task as there is scope for human error. Irys RFID solution provides efficient multi-location tracking, besides inventory traceability within the company premises. This results in greater operational efficiency as well as visibility and accountability of the precious items. RFID empowers users to deal with frequent item movement as well as sizeable stock check in jewellery manufacturing, wholesale & retail business.”

Mr. Kothari further states, “Irys was selected after a careful screening process. Irys is one of the best technology partners giving complete RFID solutions. Irys’ team is well versed with the challenges & business processes in jewellery domain. Its’ Management and Support team has complemented us to deliver solution as per our requirements and in a time bound manner. Irys helped us to integrate the RFID solution with our software, which helped us to synergize inventory and order management process. They have improvised on the customized solution to suit our typical requirements.”

The scale of project was to tag about 200k SKUs (live and samples) a year, at multiple locations such as their stores, factory and distribution houses. The prime objective of implementing RFID was –
1) Performing daily inventory checks and stock reporting at all locations
2) Preparing customer quotations instantaneously while in office as well as on sales visits
3) Recording & monitoring stock transfer between multiple locations
4) Managing orders & inventory at jewellery shows and exhibitions

The RFID solution is completely integrated at all levels with their existing ERP. Aurous is able to perform all the functions within its own software like Desktop Application, Android App and web portal that makes the whole system extremely easy & convenient to use.

Mr. Gopinath V, IT Head of Aurous says, “We have been using Irys RFID for more than a year now. Their system is extremely simple, fast and accurate. Not only Aurous but many other jewellery companies are now realizing the potential and benefits of RFID technology for their business. They are now considering adoption of this technology in day-to-day operations as it saves a lot of time and manpower.”

Mr. Vishal Usapkar from Irys states, “We were pleasantly surprised when a plain gold jewellery making company approached us for RFID. In current times, where margins on gold jewellery are thin, Aurous was very keen to harness the potential of RFID. With good co-operation from their team throughout implementation, we ensured smooth roll out of RFID across all their locations. Aurous and Irys conquered all possible challenges, both technical and commercial to make this project a success. As RFID partner of Aurous, we have ensured that the technology helps them achieve their business objectives, today and forever.”