Rfid Jewelry Management System Optimize efficiency and accuracy of stock verification

Jewellery Rfid Solution Identify patterns based on in-store interactions

Rfid Jewelry Solution Enhance customer experience to maximize business

We are a Gems & Jewellery centric RFID Specialist focused on

conceptualizing and developing smarter jewellery management solutions based on track and trace IoT technologies such as RFID, NFC and BLE. Our current line-up of commercially available products is aimed not only at optimizing efficiency and accuracy of stock verification processes – from manufacturing to retail, but also at providing valuable business intelligence for effective planning of production, stocking and movement of jewellery products to maximize business gains.

Irys RFID scanners along with Irys mobile apps scan RFID tagged jewellery items at an incredibly fast rate, reducing the time taken for stock audit to just a few minutes. This technology offers the convenience for a near-real-time monitoring of jewellery items as well as carrying out day-to-day transactional activities, thereby enhancing stock visibility and security of valuable inventory.

Stock Audit made easy with IRYS



Rfid Jewelry

RFID Solution for Jewellery Stores

Irys BI- Think beyond Stock Audit

Do you find it cumbersome to track your precious inventory? Don’t have sleepless nights worrying about it anymore. With highly precise, sophisticated rfid jewelry management system by IRYS, it is a matter of tag, tally and click!

Yes, it is the new-age of rfid jewellery management, aimed for business intelligence so that you can effectively plan the inventory and material movement of precious items.

Keep a close watch on what customers prefer the most, the shelf-life of a product, and adding value adding factors to your business?

When improved sales and enhanced productivity are your business objectives, it becomes essential to make use of robust software that offers the perfect jewelry management.

Free up your business from unaccounted items by using fast-track reconciliation system with 100% accuracy. The rfid software offers near real-time visibility and incredible customer management.

With a state-of-the-art rfid jewellery solution, you achieve fully automated stock-taking and thorough control over the business.

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that allows tracking or matching of an item or individual. RFID solution for jewelry store has two basic parts – a controller / antenna combo and a tag. The controller / antenna transmits electromagnetic waves and receives signals back from the RFID tag. The tag uses radio waves to communicate its identity and other information as may be supported by the technology. 

Use of RFID jewelry solution system assists you in finding, tracking, and authenticating the jewelry. It also manages the flow, distribution, and sales of the jewels properly.

Why is RFID more reliable than barcode?

RFID and barcodes are two techniques that are frequently used for inventory tracking. Though both are used for inventory tracking but RFID jewelry solution is more reliable when it comes to jewelry items as it does not require line-of-sight scanning as is the case with barcodes. This reduces human efforts and error considerably, thereby increasing speed and efficiency. In a jewelry setup, for example, an RFID solution for jewelry store can scan 100 products per second, while scanning the same 100 products using barcodes will take at least 5 minutes.

Benefits of RFID in Jewelry Management?

The global jewelry industry deals with valuable products – diamonds, precious metals, colored gems and bespoke designs. The very nature of jewelry pieces makes them unique in the retail marketplace. Maintaining and keeping track of jewelry is not an easy task. RFID jewelry solution helps you in improving stock control and optimizing inventory purchases to boost sales and reduce holding costs. The technology also helps reduce staff efforts in operations – receipts, checkout, and physical counting, to focus more on sales and client engagement. RFID solutions for jewelry stores helps in boosting the efficiency and productivity of businesses, raising the bar on high – level customer satisfaction. It also offers businesses new and unlimited marketing opportunities – tracking customers’ purchases and in-store suggestive selling makes communication with shoppers more interactive.

Components of RFID jewelry management system

  1. RFID Printer: This integrated barcode printer + RFID encoder is useful in printing and simultaneously programming single-use RFID tags, saving valuable time and effort in case of large inventory.
  2. RFID Tags: A specially designed label, whose small form factor allows you to tag your most miniature jewelry piece without a hassle.
  3. RFID Scanner: A device used to gather information from an RFID tag, which is used to track individual objects. Radio waves are used to transfer data from the scanner to a tag and vice versa.

Features of an RFID enabled jewelry store

An RFID solution for jewelry stores makes the hard task of object traceability easier. RFID adoption in jewelry stores increases their efficiency and improves working conditions. Some of the main features of an RFID enabled jewelry store are 

  1. Greater security for valuable jewelry items 
  2. Faster and more accurate stock take 
  3. Better traceability of stock
  4. Real-time visibility of available inventory 
  5. Increased customer engagement


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