Jewellery Software System

The branded jewellery business is witnessing a huge growth and consolidation of industry biggies and globalization of brands is on the rise. In such a scenario, technology is playing a key role in empowering jewellers and driving industrial growth. If you wish to be a part of this glittery revolution, it’s time you invested in a solution for your Jewellery Management.

Tiara is an android-based application specifically designed to meet the needs of the Gems and Jewellery industry. High-precision stock tally is an absolute must for a jewellery business to grow. Tiara’s push-to-scan RFID reader enables stock audit at a speed of 20-30 items per second, thus making item tracking, information recording and inventory management effortless. What’s more? Using the scanner, price changes and inventory fluctuations get reflected in quotations and BI reports almost instantly.

Jewellers today need to build consumer relations beyond the brick and mortar stores. Tiara’s omni-channel retailing features such as the interactive smart view on the mobile/tablet facilitate the same. Product information display too gets a facelift as the tool lets users view items, variations and matching items along with their prices in an organized and attractive way. Giving an impetus to the business is the feature that allows users to export/email reports, quotations and catalogues at the click of a button. These BI reports can be used to withdraw/introduce products and reward high-performing resources.

Five benefits of Irys RFID Jewellery Solution that will help you take the high road to business growth.

Search items – Missing items will no longer be a cause of worry as you can use Tiara to search for misplaced items individually or in multiple numbers.

Error minimization – It automates most functions of a jewellery business thus minimizing errors and improving employee productivity.

Trend analysis – Users can extract and analyze BI reports to identify fast/slow moving products and use this information to predict consumer buying patterns and preferences.

Loss prevention – It ensures better stock visibility and security, helping businesses prevent potential losses. It also helps record and update information about an item’s location, ownership and availability.

Increased sales – It streamlines the day-to-day activities of a jewellery business. This leaves you, the business owner, with a lot of time to focus on business expansion and sales.

As an industry technology expert, Irys Tiara is the best RFID tagging system with a full spectrum of useful features that are ideal for your business. To know more, give us a call!