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Business Analytics For Jewellery

Jewellery Data Analytics
Track customer

Jewellery Analytics Software
Monitor sales

Jewelry Business Intelligence Tool
Reorganize inventory
based on actual
product viewership

Business Analytics For Jewellery
Minimize losses
better stock

Jewellery Data Analytics
Make informed
business decisions
based on data
presented as graphs
and charts

Jewellery Analytics Software
Centralized Reporting
for all sizes of

Use of new-age technology not only adds to the efficiency of operations but also makes you contemporary and up -to -date. By adopting rfid solution for jewellery, you ensure better inventory management and effortless tracking of your valuable items.

IRYS Trinity (jewelry business intelligence tool) makes it possible to have a close watch on each and every item. The comprehensive software brings easy to use, fast interface to make the task easy.

Times are changing and, you as a business owner understand that it is the right time now break out of your comfort zone and embrace technology thereby maintaining  pace with the digital world that that we now live in.

Well, luckily you don’t have to worry, because we at Irys work hard to make life easier for you We aim at simplifying this “Complex World of Analytics” through a combination of easy to use Apps, Hardware and Web Application that result in increased sales, improve staff efficiency, replenish stock effectively, all eventually contributing to increased and improved revenues & profitability of your business.In short, we provide you the complete Jewellery Data Analytics.

The Smart Tray helps you collect valuable data, even without you realizing it. Trinity churns this data to get valuable insights & actionable reports which help you to make informed business decisions. Colloquially, it can also be termed as the Jewellery Analytics Software.

What is the throughput of the jewelry shop and where are the bottlenecks?

Footfall Analysis

Analyse customer footfall at your store to decide if the the marketing / branding spend is yielding enough returns. Staffing at the stores can be trimmed or enhanced and newer methods of customer engagement may be adopted to ensure that customers spend more time looking at merchandise. Convert window shoppers into serious buyers!

Which jewelry products are fastest moving? What products should I restock?
Which should be eliminated?

Product Viewership

You can now replenish profit-bearing items more efficiently while eliminating non-moving stock, resulting in better buying decisions and higher profit margins. The sales turnover alone may not tell the complete story. Matching it against the product viewership patterns can help identify better performing stores. Applying best practices from such stores to other stores could help push up the overall sales

Jewelry Business Intelligence Tool

Which sales people are performing the best?

Staff Performance Analysis

Staff performance analysis is a review of ‘Skill’ and ‘Will’. Conversion ratios indicate the skill while the number of customers catered to as well as number of products showcased indicates the effort or the will. Staff members lacking in both SKILL & WILL are a liability and need to be re-aligned. A drill down also reveals what type of products a particular sales person is good at selling. This information can be used to align the strengths of a staff member with the products to enhance sales

Business Analytics For Jewellery

Is all my stock accounted for?

Stock Audit – Discrepancy Analysis

Last and most important – as a jeweller, your inventory is your most valuable asset, and there’s nothing more important than knowing that all your jewellery pieces are accounted for on every single day.

Jewellery Data Analytics

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