Diamond Inventory Management

With multiple sellers and billions of customers, markets today operate without any boundaries. Simply put, doing business today is way more complicated, competitive and consumer-centric. Furthermore, the risks or stakes involved in the jewellery industry are ten times higher! This is because it’s a business dealing in intricate, luxurious, expensive and valuable items. Factors such as incorrect pricing and inventory costing, unreported thefts and inaccurate production forecasting, etc. can easily mar this high-end business.

The need of the hour is to invest in a suitable software which can manage your valuable jewelry & diamonds. Whether you own a single jewellery store or you own a chain of branded jewellery stores, every business needs a jewellery management system much like the latest RFID solutions available today.

That’s where Irys comes into picture. As a gems and jewellery-centric RFID specialist, Irys brings to the fold an array of smart solutions that help jewellery businesses automate their operations and maximize their business gains. It allows users to carry out accurate stock audits, track consumer behavior, generate catalogues and quotations, compare attributes of jewellery items, update item status for pieces, provide business intelligence and more! This solution can be customized to meet your business needs. Whether you need only the RFID technology or the entire buffet of modern Business Intelligence solutions, we can help you out.

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