RFID for Jewellery  by Irys Group

Smart businesses are the core of the industry- merging physical and digital worlds by leveraging the RFID technology that transforms the business. Jewellers are automating with RFID to have complete control over their entire processes; across borders & in real-time.

RFID simply connects the valuables inventory to the Internet —wirelessly and at a unique item level. Instead of speculation or interpretation of actual events, one gains real-time visibility into location and item status. Advancements in automation eliminate manual processes and empower the workforce on the floor with real-time information, allowing them to make quick decisions that achieve business efficiencies.

Irys’s E4 philosophy of Enabling RFID, Engaging Customers, Empowering Users and Enhancing Business has seen us surpass serving more than300 satisfied clients, proving the metal of expertise, domain knowledge and technical abilities to cater to the industry.

ENABLE RFID- It helps in automating and streamlining some of the recurring business processes with minimal efforts and without errors thereby improving the visibility & traceability of stock.

ENGAGE CUSTOMERS- The experience of shopping becomes interactive. Reduction in wait-time and access to desired information instantly impacts the decision making of the customer.

EMPOWER USERS- Ability to assist the customer with options, accurate information and faster estimates enhances the chances of closing the potential sale successfully at the first go.

ENHANCE BUSINESS- Ability to churn various analytics reports resulting into timely & capable decision making towards various aspects of business like maintaining the stock of faster moving/rolling items, weeding out slow-moving items, etc. translates into ultimate profitability in business.

Getting the most out of your RFID investment requires not only a commitment to the technology but a vision to use RFID for collecting business information. To realize ROI from RFID, companies need to see this technology as a way to collect valuable business intelligence that can help increase profits and reduce costs.

Researches have testified that RFID-based inventory tracking is exceptionally well-suited to the gems & jewellery industry due a variety of actors, including the values, origins, sizes and form factors of jewellery items. Early adopting jewellers have found that RFID jewelry solution can address their needs for better inventory management and control, heightened security, and improved business intelligence.

As per PR Newswire-NY-Oct 24, 2016, Global RFID business will surpass USD17 billion by 2020.