“Our valuable partners share our passion for delivering proven best-in-class solutions for RFID technology that meet our customers’ business requirements.

We believe that joining forces, complementing resources, and sharing knowledge and expertise is the surest way to make a meaningful impact in the adoption of this technology. This allows for recurring revenue streams while increasing your product offerings. We support your growth in the current market space while providing the tools you need to succeed in the world of RFID for Gems and Jewellery.

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Why Partner with Irys?

A Non-Competitive EnvironmentA Non-Competitive Environment

Our sole focus on RFID specific solutions allows our partners to focus on their core competencies and deliver a comprehensive IT solution to customers.

2Increased Revenue

Irys uncovers a new source of revenue for our partners. An attractive revenue sharing feature rewards our partners for every opportunity.

3Reach a broad range of Businesses and Customers

Evolve your expertise and capture emerging prospects in the RFID domain. Move beyond box-selling and differentiate your business with an enhanced portfolio including solutions and services.

4Focused Support

Gain better margins and incentives by availing extensive support for technical help, marketing, co-branding and lead-generation.

5Shared Value

With passion for delivering proven best-in-class solutions, we maintain a very close working relationship with our partners to align expectations and ensure seamless execution.

6Global Footprint

Consisting of a framework of industry expertise, our partnership is committed to sharing best practices to guarantee customer experience regardless of location. We help in providing a streamlined, consistent approach to the adoption of technology on a global basis.

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