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“Change is the only constant” is the most appropriate phrase to describe evolving technologies. Just like emails have replaced pigeons for passing on messages, there has been a tidal wave of changes in the tracking and scanning technology. The outdated Barcode system of scanning has been overthrown by the faster and more accurate RFID technology.

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless communication that helps identify and track objects using radio waves. One of the most commonly used and versatile technologies, RFID today is applied across all industries including retail, healthcare, aerospace and banking to name a few. Irys is a leader in supplying RFID solutions for the Gems and Jewellery industry. From developing specialized RFID for diamond packets to deploying composite RFID jewellery tracking systems across chains of branded jewellery stores, Irys is a name you can trust.

There are a lot of reasons why RFID is preferred over Barcode scanning in the jewellery business. Some of the reasons being its high throughput rate, redundancy of the line-of-sight technology, reduction of human capital investment, improved durability, security and accuracy, etc.

Furthermore, a Barcode scanning system can only be used for tagging and scanning your stock items one at a time. Irys’ RFID jewellery solution can not only tag, scan and tally stock items but can also generate actionable Business Insights to better understand current trends, consumer buying patterns and fast moving products, etc. Thus, helping you improve your cross-selling efforts, customer service and ROI.

From lightning-fast inventory tracking and near-real-time stock update to smart BI and improved security, Irys’ RFID-based jewellery solution has revolutionized the industry at many levels. You can invest in a variety of products offered by Irys such as Tiara, Corona or Trinity to automate and streamline your daily operations. Thereby, enabling you to save time, improve staff productivity, enhance customer delight and increase your bottom line.

Irys offers flexible solutions that can be adapted to suit your requirements. It can be either used as a stand-alone RFID jewellery tracking system or can be a plug and play, device-agnostic middleware for your robust ERP system!
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