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RFID For Diamond Packets

Corona is an Android based application which can not only do stock audit, item search, list preparation but has the ability to track partial movement of the stone lots. This application can be used by certified stone merchants to browse information of over 20 different stone attributes in a single consolidated view including one or more certificate images.

The application unites carat based trace-ability required for loose stone lots with the piece based trace-ability for certified stones. It is a versatile solution powered by all the advantages associated with the RFID technology.

  • Stock audit is one of the most critical activities when you run a business of precious stones and diamonds. Each item is valuable, and you can’t afford to lose track of a single item even.
  • With the help of Corona, the Android-based robust stock taking and RFID Diamond Inventory Management module, you can keep a close eye on every stone’s movement.
  • Ideal for certified stone merchant, it brings a consolidated view of diverse attributes that help in carrying out Diamond Tracking accurately.
  • It comes with a Development Kit and brings incredible convenience of tracking loose stones in lots with high levels of accuracy. Piece-based traceability makes it an ideal solution for precious certified stones.
  • Use of modern technology places your business distinctly in the competitive marketplace. Avail the benefits of 100% accurate stock taking, easy transfer of stock, seamless database integration and a whole list of business reports.
  • IRYS Corona is the perfect RFID-based solution for those who deal in precious stones!

RFID For Diamond Packets

Stock Audit

Fast and easy stock take based on
Lot# or Certificate# of parcels

Diamond Inventory Management

Scan sealed consingments

Track, monitor and record movement of
sealed parcels / consignments

RFID For Diamond Packets

List Preparation

Instant shortlist with ability to
include partial weight(carat) of a Lot#

Diamond Inventory Management

Database Integration

Capability to sync with any database/ERP

RFID For Diamond Packets


Look for a single lot or stone based on
Lot# or Certificate#

RFID For Diamond Packets


Move individual stones/lots between locations, owners etc. Ability to mark entire lot or parts as sold or out on approval

RFID for Diamond Packets


Extract various reports in Excel and PDF format

RFID for Diamond Packets

Issue Returns

Record and log details of items issued and returned

RFID For Diamond Packets


Display all items irrespective of its physical availability

RFID For Diamond Packets

Stone Certificates

View the certificates and other important stone related details instantly

Diamond Inventory Management

Dynamic Filtering

Apply filters at global, cart and transaction level for achieving display of information in a specific format on the tablet

RFID For Diamond Packets

Item Status Change

Change in ownership, stones out on approval, location change of lots are recorded and tracked here

RFID For Diamond Packets

Info Display

User can view detailed information
about a particular stone on this page

RFID for Diamond Packets

Integrated User Management

Define access controls for an individual user,
right from global to transaction level

Pairing New RFID Scanner

Switch ON the Bluetooth RFID scanner. Also ensure the device Bluetooth is turned ON. On the settings page, under RFID Scanner click on the button “Start Scan”. All devices with enabled Bluetooth will be shown under “New Devices Found”. Click on the button “Stop Scan” when the relevant RFID Scanner appears in the list. Click on the relevant RFID Scanner and enter the device pairing code (default 1234). The device will added in the application and will be shown under “Paired Devices”. Moreover, a battery icon for a scanner would be displayed when paired.

License File Error

This error pops up when the RFID scanner that you want to pair with the app does not have its correct license file in ‘Irys/Config’ folder of the tablet. In case of no or incorrect license file, kindly contact Irys Support.

Battery life and Indicator of Scanner

After full charging of scanner, you can scan for appx. 1 hour continuously at maximum power. The stand-by time of the battery is 3-4 days. The battery of the scanner is visible on the right side at the top of the bar. Kindly do not use the scanner while plugged in for charging.
You can purchase an additional battery and a battery charger, if needed.

Controlling read range of the Scanner

You can set and adjust the read range of the scanner using power control slider. A common power can be set for all modules (except “Smart View”) through the master power control slider provided in ‘Settings-RFID Scanner-Paired Devices’. You can also set power for individual modules by power control slider of every module. The read range for “Smart View” can be set through a similar slider that pops up while entering the module

Application installation on external SD card

You cannot install and run the application apk from an external SD card. To install an application, its apk needs to be copied to internal storage of the tablet and should be run from there.

Importing Data into application

Data can be imported into the application in 4 ways:

  1. Excel Format (as specified by Irys)
  2. Remote FTP Server
  3. Remote Database Connection
  4. Web Services

Uploading images of jewellery items

Images can be uploaded to the application in 2 ways:

  1. Directly importing the images to ‘Irys/IrysImages’ folder
  2. Copying the images to a folder on FTP Server or external SD card and providing corresponding path in ‘Settings-Image Config’.

Please note that the images should be in JPEG format.

Customizing Standard Data Import Sheet columns

The standard Data Import sheet has 5 reserved columns to accommodate data other than the columns specified in a standard excel. Moreover, if you want to display another name for any particular column, you can do so by typing the new name in the text box provided in ‘Settings-Global Filters’.

Please note that the column name in the standard excel sheet CANNOT be changed

Third Party Software Integration

Irys Tiara and RFID devices can work with almost any ERP software using the N-Connect Middleware.

N-Connect Middleware

It is an Irys’ proprietary RFID middleware. The tool helps software developers overcome integration hurdles to build a stable, responsive and scalable RFID system in the shortest span of time. By decoupling the ERP from the hardware’s native protocols, N-Connect provides a device agnostic interface that the ERP vendor can use to avail RFID functions with ease and minimal efforts. What this means is that, the initial integration effort drops from 2 months to less than 10 days, making it work like a plug and play solution.

Push to Scan

The ‘Push to Scan’ functionality offered by Irys is a new and unique capability the technology offers. The unique id’s of the RFID tagged items can be instantly populated as a list in any open active window of the user’s system like- MS Excel, Notepad, ERP screen, Outlook, Word etc. It simulates a barcode scanner.

Encoding tags from application

The RFID tags can be also encoded using the application from ‘Settings-Encode RFID Tags’. This feature is useful for encoding in case of emergency at exhibitions and shows. However, we recommend a RFID Printer for this operation as it can print and encode the tags simultaneously.

Re-usability of tags

Technically all RFID tags can be re-used. However, re-encoding of such tags with new information becomes a tedious, error prone and complicated task as the process has to be done manually. Moreover, printing on such tags is also not possible.

Life span of RFID tag

The life span of a RFID tag depends on the handling of the tag by user. As long as the RFID chip of the tag is not damaged it should read every time upon scanning.

Columns in Stock Audit

While performing the stock audit function, items get tracked and recorded in the below mentioned categories:

  1. Expected –All the items as per the book stock is displayed in this column
  2. Scanned – Upon triggering scan, items that are detected populate under this list
  3. Conflict – This list indicates those scanned items which do not belong to the selected category/location
  4. Unknown – This list shows those scanned tags/items which either do not belong to the client RFID ecosystem or which are redundant now i.e. no longer relevant for use

User Access Control

In addition to user PIN protection, you can also define different privileges for multiple users.
These can be set from ‘Settings-User Pin’

Saving Selected Item

The selected items can be saved as Lists (excel).

Customization requests

Application customization can be done on chargeable basis after a thorough understanding of the scope of work.

User Access Control

In addition to user PIN protection, you can also define different privileges for multiple users.
These can be set from ‘Settings-User Pin’

Training, Support and Updates

User Training is provided at the time of deployment. In addition, we provide Online and Remote support for a year along with free updates. Post first year, training and updates are included as a part of AMC.


This functionality is used to record movement of items where there is a change of status, ownership or location.

Carats on approval

The carats/stones sent on approval are deducted from the stock but are visible in the catalogue and are marked as- ‘on approval’. By scanning those items and changing their status as ‘in stock’, they get added back to the inventory.

Items Issue and Items Returned process

Issue of carat/stones to a particular customer/middleman can be done using this module. One can save the transaction details for return purpose. At the time of return, one needs to select “Return” from the drop down menu and type in the customer’s name to whom the carat/stones were earlier issued. A list of items issued to that customer would be populated against which the return process is carried out.

Diamond Certificate Details

The certificate of a diamond can be viewed through the application. Along with the item information, “Certifications” is also seen in the “Item Details”. On clicking the Certificate number, the certificate opens directly on the Institute’s website (provided tablet has internet connectivity)


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User Manual for Corona

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RFID For Diamond Packets

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